"For You, Ukraine, we lived ..." – (to the day of the Ukrainian Cossacks) 2017-10-11 14:30

"For You, Ukraine, we lived ..." – (to the day of the Ukrainian Cossacks)

  • 11

  • October 2017

  • 14:30

  • Wednesday
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  • Chamber Music Hall (7 Tchaikovsky Street, entrance "Box Office", second floor)

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On October 11, on the eve of the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks, we invite you to the chamber scene of the Lviv Philharmonic. The concert "For you, Ukraine, we lived" is a story about a struggle that lasts forever. This is a line that runs from the time of the Cossacks to rifle and rebel songs. As Soloist Nina Karpinets noted, the program selected a lot of optimistic works. After all, those who fought had a sense of humor, and with music they tried to raise the fighting spirit and encourage themselves. Sounding songs, full of lyrical melancholy, and vocal, fire of fire. Some of them were created by the soldiers themselves, and in the first department – the Cossack – there are works on the poetry of Taras Shevchenko. "All songs have an author, but when they are picked up by people, words and music change, there are different variants, the author is lost and, perhaps, it is just the essence of folk art," said Nina Karpinets. They will say: "Oh, on the mountain there are reapers reaping", "The wind of the steppe", "Our ataman Gamalia", "Galichanki", "You're a Sagittarius of Sich", is our story that we must remember.