November, 2017

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  • The Solomiya Krushelnytska Lviv State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet The Solomiya Krushelnytska Lviv State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet

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Popular opera arias and duets and also the work written specifically for the occasion of the festival:

Krzesimir Dembsky (born 1953) – Pasakalia for piano and orchestra (in memory of I. Paderevsky)

The culmination of the Sixth International Festival «Opening Paderewskiy» is the solemn Polish-Ukrainian gala concert with participation of  Kshesimir Dembskiy, one of the most prominent Polish musicians of our time.

In this concert, the organizers will commemorate Ignatius Yana Paderevsky, Marcelina Sembrih-Kohanska and Solomiya Krushelnytska.

Marcelina Sembrih-Kokhanska (1858-1935), a singer with world fame, the first Pole to perform on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera, occupies a special place in the musical history of Lviv. Like Paderevski, she was born in the Podillya region, and the years of her childhood and youth  passed in Galicia. Her father was an organist of the church in Bolechiv. The gifted girl entered the Conservatory of the Galician Music Society in Lviv, where she studied in the classes of pianists Karol Mikula (student of Chopin) and Wilhelm Shengl, who soon became her husband, an unchanging companion of her long creative life.

According to legend, Marcelina Sembrih-Kokhanska had the opportunity to perform at Weimar in front of Ferenc where she showed her achievements by playing the violin, piano, and in the end, arranging the chords of Chopin’s "Desire", after which the legendary composer exclaimed: "The Lord has given you three pairs of wings that you can fly over the country of music. Do not refuse them, but sing, sing for the world, because you have the voice of an angel."

Sembrih-Kohanska continued her vocal studies in Vienna and Milan, in the class of the legendary singer, Giovanni Battista Lamperti.

She debuted in 1877 in Athens, was a soloist of opera theaters in Dresden, London, St. Petersburg, and Milan. She participated in the opening of the Metropolitan Opera in New York, where she performed 487 times in 26 operas.

Thousands of listeners admired her, including crowned persons and prominent contemporaries: Giacomo Puccini, Charles Gounod, Anton Rubinstein, Gustav Mahler, Adam Didur, Enrico Caruso, Mattia Battistini and, of course, compatriots Ignaci Jan Paderevski, and writer Jozef Kraszewski.

She left the opera scene at the age of 51, saying: "It's better to quit when everybody asks – why, and not when they whisper over shoulders – finally!"

After completing her stage career, she devoted herself to teaching at the legendary Curtis Institute in Philadelphia and the Juliard School of Music in New York.

Amazing historical parallels connect Marcelina Semberch-Kochanska with another singer of that era – Ukrainian singer Solomia Krushelnytska (1872-1952).

Both future stars of the world’s opera scenes were born in Podillya region, both were pupils of the Lviv school – Krushelnytska also studied at the Conservatory of the Galician Music Society, in the class of the legendary Lamperti – Valery Vysotsky.

Today's concert symbolically celebrates the memory of both singers who, at one time, triumphed on the stage of the Lviv Opera.

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