November, 2017

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This concert is dedicated to Karol Shymanovskyi on the occasion of the 135th anniversary of his birthday and the 80th anniversary of his death.

I part

Ignacy Jan Paderevskyi (1860-1941) – Suite for Strings

Karol Shymanovskyi (1882-1937) – Concerto for Violin and Orchestra №1 Op.35

II part

Lubava Sydorenko (born 1979) – Octagon (version for symphony orchestra)

Wojciech Kylar (1932-2013) – Kshesany

On the occasion of the 135th anniversary of the birth day and the 80th anniversary of the death of Karol Szymanowskyi – one of the most famous Polish composers, the organizers of the festival want to honor and reintroduce the Ukrainian public to the symphonic works of the artist.

Lviv was always a special city for Shimanovskyi. It was the home of his sister, the famous singer Stanislava Korvin-Shymanovska. The artist often stopped in Lviv between his trips to native Tymoshivka in Cherkasy region, Vienna, Krakow and Zakopane.

Shymanovskyi had a special group of friends in Lviv, to which belonged the writer Corneliy Makushynskyi, one of the leading representatives of Young Poland in music – Ludomyr Ruzhytskyi, a student of Theodor Leshetytskyi, pianist, teacher and composer – Jan Skshydlevskyi, violinist Vaclav Kohanskyi and many others.

The music of Shimanovskyi was often played in Lviv. In various years there were five full concert of his music, on which the sister sang.

In 1910, at a competition of composers in Lviv, Shimanovskyi received the First Prize for his First Piano Sonata from the hands of Ignacy Paderevskyi. In 1924-25, he worked on a piano concert dedicated to Arthur Rubinshtein, however, he did not finish it because of tragic events in his personal life: the death of his nephew (or neice) – Allus Bartoshevich. Shimanovskyi dedicated children's piano miniatures and the vocal cycle Children's Rhymes to the words of Kazymyra Ilakovuchuvna to her. In the summer of 1928, the composer was working on one of his most famous works – the ballet Garnasi (Robbers from the Tatras).

However, Karol Shymanovskyi received his true recognition in Lviv in 1931, when during his lifetime a musical institute was named after him. It was later changed to the Lviv Conservatory named after Karol Szymanowskyi.

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