November, 2017

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  • Saturday
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Borуs Lyatoshуnsky. Symphony No 3 B-Moll (1951, 1 ed.)

On the 25th of November, on the Day of Remembrance for the Holodomor victims, the Lviv Philharmonic invites you to the premiere of the work associated with this tragic date. The concert in memory of the "Harvest of Sorrow" will be presented for the first time in Lviv. Come hear Symphony № 3 by Boris Lyatoshynskiy in its original edition from 1951.

The concert conductor, Myron Yusypovуch, said:  “Holodomor is a tragedy of the Ukrainian people and it should be remembered every year. Our concert is devoted to the days of memory. The third Symphony by Borys Lyatoshynskiy has a direct bearing to this tragedy, because it prompted the composer to write the work. We will perform this symphony in its first edition. This edition was at one time banned by Stalin, so Lyatoshinskiy was forced to adapt it. Until recently, it has never been performed, and now we will finally present the audience with the first, original sound. This work has already been performed in Kyiv, and for Lviv this will be its premiere. As for me, this is one of the best symphonies among all Ukrainian works of the international level.”

Under the direction of Myron Yusypovych, the Symphony by  Lyatoshynskiy will be performed by the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Lviv Philharmonic.

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