November, 2017

  • 14:30

  • Wednesday
  • Chamber Music Hall (7 Tchaikovsky Street, entrance "Box Office", second floor)

  • Season tickets are not valid
  • Tickets are sold at the Philharmonic daily 11:00 — 19:00

    Box Office: (032) 235-89-46

    Additional information by phone — 096 0 200 400

Lviv was founded by King Danylo for his son Lev in the middle of 13th century. That’s why Lviv is often called the Lion City, the City of (Sleeping) Lions or the Royal City.

Lviv is famous not only for its historical monuments, but its interesting stories about various symbolic things of the city, for example Lviv tram.

People sing songs about Lviv tram, depict it in paintings and advise all tourists to ride the tram.

Together with the Lviv Philharmonic soloists the audience will ride the tram through the cheerful city and at each tram stop will be an interesting story and song about that street.

  • Львівська обласна філармонія

    Lviv philharmonic society

    (067) 679 22 36