Virtuosos of Kiev


September, 2017

  • 19:00

  • Tuesday
  • S. Lyudkevych Concert Hall
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This evening, the orchestra "Virtuosos of Kiev" will delight you with the unique skill in a duet with excellent acoustics of the Lviv Philharmonic. The new program is traditionally devoted to compositions written under the impression of the beauty of nature. After all, the lion's share of performances of the collective is just the sky.

"Virtuosos of Kyiv" – the first independent chamber orchestra of Ukraine, which was formed in 2016 under the direction of conductor Dmitry Yablonsky. Jablonsky – Honorary Conductor of the Jerusalem Orchestra, nominee for the Grammy Award. Speaks at Carnegie Hall (New York), La Scala (Milan), Louvre (Paris). The main composition of the collective was the "backbone" of the well-known and grunted nationwide "Kyiv soloists".

The orchestra includes representatives of the main national musical groups of the country – pupils of the best teachers of Ukraine, Europe and the USA, many of whom studied and worked with the outstanding Ukrainian violinist Bogodar Kotorovich.

They are also known for collaborating with Nino Katamadze, of which, in addition to dozens of concerts played, musicians recorded several albums. And also with Boris Borisovich Grebenshchikov himself, whose project Symphony (ideological inspiration and conductor of which was performed by the musician "Ocean Elsey" Milos Eliach) saw not only Ukrainian viewers, but also the public closer and far abroad.

In addition to concerts and touring tour "Virtuosos of Kiev" recorded chamber symphonies by Dmitry Shostakovich and Valentine Sylvestrov.

The orchestra also has an extended symphonic composition.

This time the musicians prepared for you a completely new program of light, summer works of Strauss, Saint-Saens, Tchaikovsky, Sati, Delib, Grig, Elgar, Polotna, Dvorak and many others.

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