YOUNG LVIV TALENTS 2017-08-26 17:00


  • 26

  • August 2017

  • 17:00

  • Saturday
  • Get social with us:

  • Church of St. Lazarus, 27 Kopernyka Street

  • Season tickets are not valid
  • Tickets are sold at the Philharmonic daily 11:00 — 19:00

    Box Office: (032) 235-89-46

    Additional information by phone — 096 0 200 400


From 13 to 29 August for the fourth time Lviv hosts international festival «Music in Old Lviv and Krakow». The idea of the festival appeared in 2014, the year when Lviv Virtuosos Academic Chamber Orchestra celebrated its 20th anniversary. Serhiy Burko, People's Artist of Ukraine, together with his Polish partner, the director of the Polish festival «Music in Old Krakow» Stanislaw Galonski brought this idea to life. This year's festival features the Belfast Philharmonic Choir (Northern Ireland), The Collegium Zeleński Vocal Ensemble, the Królewscy Rorantyści Choir (Poland), pianist Arthur Greene (USA) and numerous soloists and ensembles from Poland and Ukraine.

The peculiarity of the festival is that concerts are held simultaneously in churches, memorials and historical places of both cities, Lviv and Krakow. Twin Cities gather famous artists and bands from different countries. Deep cultural and artistic traditions, historical monuments, which are included into the UNESCO World Heritage list, create a kind of spiritual bridge and a parallel between Lviv and Krakow. Common values have no borders.