DULCIMER OBSESSION 2017-07-21 19:00


  • 21

  • July 2017

  • 19:00

  • Friday
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In Ukraine tsymbaly is one of the oldest and most popular in the world plucked string and percussion instrument. The image of the duet of tsymbaly players was found in Nineveh (now - Mosul in Iraq) 5500 years ago. Bible psalterium over time turned into a harpsichord and piano. Tsymbaly is present in cultures all over the world, in China they are played by 20 million musicians.

The director of Lviv tsymbaly school M. Baran, Ph.D of the Academy of Music, at the II Summer Season Festival introduces audience solo and ensemble music for tsymbaly. On Philharmonic stage performs the Tsymbaly Players Quartet, some of their tsymbaly once belonged to Ihor Stravinskyi, who wrote scores for this instrument.

At 18:00 there is presentation of the collection «Concerto Pieces for Tsymbaly Players Ensemble with Sopilka, Arranged by Taras Baran» (two volumes).

Two collection volumes include works for professional tsymbaly players and are made up of separate parts. They cover a wide range of musical expressiveness as there is music of different styles, eras and nations.

The first collection is based on Ukrainian classical music literature and samples of folk music, which is inherent to Ukrainian ethnics and neighboring nations.

The second includes Western European music and modern jazz. Both, the first and second collections, contain pieces for tsymbaly and sopilka. Although the analog of sopilka and tsymbaly ensemble exists in instrumental music of many nations, the tsymbaly quartet presents virtuoso orchestral sounding with the pianists ensemble.