BENEDICTUS ‒ BLESSED 2017-07-18 19:00


  • 18

  • July 2017

  • 19:00

  • Tuesday
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  • The lobby of the S.Lyudkevych concert hall

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Since time immemorial exist these two methods of sound formation. The symbols of theatre and music art in ancient Greece, aulos and cithara, were played by Dionysus and Apollo. Biblical King David sang psalms being accompanied by his psalterium. Orpheus played the lyre. The epic genre has been combining singing with playing the plucked instruments. In particular, accompanied by bandura music sang their dumas Ukrainian bards. And nowadays singing and playing the guitar is popular all over the world.

Since 666, the time when Pope Vitaliano introduced the mandatory playing the organ to accompany the Holy Mass, the instrument got sacred significance. Organists and composers, who write score for this instrument, often pray to God. Music prayers of BENEDICTUS are interpreted as «Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord» and as «Blessed be the name of the Lord».

The solo recital of Olena Matseliukh, the organist, features works by the composers of different ages, religious denominations and places.